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Project Description

The main objective of the project has been to extend the best available practices for the evaluation of the energy situation and for the adoption of improving measures amongst the European SMEs on the agro-food sector.

Within this sector, TESLA project has focussed on the agro-industry cooperatives of wineries, olive oil mills, animal feed factories, and fruits and vegetables processing plants. It has used several instruments, managing them to largely reduce their energy consumption.

The results of the project has been summarized in the Final Results Oriented Report available here below:




TESLA tool

Welcome to the TESLA tool link. This tool has been created for the self-assessment  of energy issues in agro-industries.

This tool will allow you to make an energy diagnosis of your company just by introducing the energy consumption data and the equipment inventory of your agro-industry.

First of all, the tool will analyse your current situation on energy issues and on carbon footprint, and will compare it with other companies from your sector.

Secondly, the tool will issue an ad hoc report recommending the main energy efficiency measures fitting with your company situation, and evaluating their estimated expected results.



    A CONFAGRI participou no Projecto TESLA juntamente com as confederações de cooperativas agrícolas de Espanha, França e Itália e diversas Universidades e institutos de investigação na área da energia, tendo no âmbito deste projecto sido produzido e disponibilizado uma aplicação para auto-avaliação energ&eacu...

  • TESLA presents its results

    TESLA project results: Energy savings up to 36 millions of kWh and decrease in GHG emissions. Today, 26th February 2016, the results of the European project TESLA, leaded by Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de España, have been presented. The TESLA project has presented its results during the workshop “Energy efficiency in the European agro-food industry”, hosted last F...

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